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Winter Berries - Crystal Infused Bath Salts

Winter Berries - Crystal Infused Bath Salts

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Escape into a rejuvenating winter paradise with our Winter Berries - Crystal Infused Bath Salts. Packed with epsom salts,  juniper berries and blue howlite infused for extra-relaxing effects, these bath salts will help you melt away stress and tension. Transform any bath into a tranquil and luxurious experience with Winter Berries!


Blue Howlite is a powerful symbol of positivity, growth, and inner strength. It represents the idea of rebirth and a promising future filled with vitality and good health. When combined with Juniper Berries, its energy becomes even more potent and invigorating.


blue howlite, epsom salt, juniper berries, water soluable colouring, essential oils & magic!

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