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Moon Water - Crystal Infused Bath Salts

Moon Water - Crystal Infused Bath Salts

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Add a celestial touch to your bathing routine with Moon Water - Crystal Infused Bath Salts! Combining moon water and bath salts for a super relaxing and soothing soak, this blend is crystal infused with moonstone to make your bath time out of this world 😊🌙!


  • infused with a Moonstone crystal
  • 100% vegan
  • made with epsom salts for soothing, aching muscles
  • scented with mandarin, jasmine & velvety vanilla
  • 12oz/340g


Moonstone helps us to prepare for change and new beginnings by reminding us that life moves in cycles. Works for emotional balance, balancing yin-yang energy, & brings light into your life.


Unlock the other-worldly enchantment of Moon Water, crafted with woodsy touches of apple and mandarin, tender jasmine, and velvety vanilla for a truly bewitching experience!


Moonstone, Epsom Salts, (Cosmetic Grade) Water Soluble Liquid Colour, (Cosmetic Grade) Mica, Fragrance Oil & Magic

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